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Usage of titanate coupling agent

Titanate coupling agent mixing method
It is a simple method to mix polymer, filler or pigment and other auxiliaries directly with coupling agent. It does not need to increase equipment and change the original processing technology. The disadvantage is that the dispersion is not ideal, because other auxiliaries have competitive reaction with coupling agent.
Pretreatment of titanate coupling agent
The filler or pigment is pretreated with coupling agent, and then mixed with polymer and other additives. This method has many advantages, especially suitable for some engineering plastics with complex polymer components or high processing temperature. It can prevent unnecessary side reactions. The decomposition point of coupling agent and filler will be greatly improved after pretreatment.
This law can be further divided into:
① Dry mixing method: in order to make a small amount of titanate evenly cover the surface of the color and the filler, a small amount of diluent is generally added. When the dosage ratio of the diluent and the coupling agent is 1:1, a small amount of titanate can be evenly distributed on the surface of the filler, and the filler can not be evenly covered without diluent. The diluent can use the solvent and lubricant in the original process formula. For example, white oil (Liquid Paraffin) can be used in the plastic industry, oil in the rubber industry, and 200 × solvent oil or isopropanol can be used in the coating industry. Generally, the high-speed kneader is used for its treatment equipment, that is, under the high-speed mixing of the filler, spray the diluted coupling agent into the mist shape, and then continue to mix for 5-15 minutes (depending on the effect of the mixer), and then carry out or discharge as per the original process for standby( Pay attention to cooling, otherwise it is easy to cause local overheating, discoloration of packing and deterioration of filling performance).
② Wet mixing method: monoalkoxy type, coordination type and other coupling agents can be diluted with solvent oil, petroleum ether, benzene alcohol and other solvents to soak the pigment, and then remove the solvent by heating or decompression. For water-soluble chelating type, dilute the pigment with water, and then remove the water. This coupling method is quite complete, but it costs too much in industrial production and is not economical.


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