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Titanium dioxide exactly when to return to counter attack?

A, titanium white trend analysis:
Is the recent trend analysis of titanium dioxide, though in some parts of the price of titanium dioxide has increased, but did not pull the market price of the whole, integrated as a whole, the market price of the titanium dioxide or in a low stage, the following to the domestic market cargo larger sulfuric acid method of rutile type titanium pigment, for example, to the nearest half a month of data to make a simple analysis.
Second, the titanium dioxide really so "disappeared" in our eyes?
On the recent trends of titanium dioxide was, indeed, will make us surprise, after all, it has always been full of look forward to, but it is a continuing this dismal state for so long. So, really can not be returned it to the temperature? I think most people would be sceptical that small make up was once so imagine, after all, gold nine does not seem to be the direct advantage, pull the lift. However, in this time of "survival", much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning or will be able to save it with fire and water.
NO. 1 in much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning, clear put forward: capacity, inventory, deleveraging, cost reduction, make short the five major tasks, and in the five tasks is direct impetus for titanium dioxide, its directly contribute to the boom of industry concentration, industry upgrading, chlorination process for the development of advanced technology, as well as the transformation and upgrading of titanium dioxide industry, so, it seems that much starker choices-and graver consequences-in will be the driving force for the titanium dioxide industry in China.
NO. 2, on the other hand, though, the current overall market trading atmosphere is cold and cheerless, in under the influence of environmental protection, capacity utilization is greatly reduced, but the factory price will obviously, late or will have a reverse direction.
Three, to sum up:
Although, the overall trend of current titanium dioxide is weak, but much starker choices-and graver consequences-in mentality and the manufacturer under the favorable factors of the two, late or will be back to the direction of the temperature, therefore, is expected in the short term, domestic titanium dioxide will also hold the direction, later will also look at the overall market trends.


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